Slowing Down During The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

August arrived, and brought me to a halt.

It told me to slow down.  It told me to take it easy.  Rest.  Nap.  Calm your mind.

Well, I shouldn't blame it all on August.  My body was in cahoots with August, too.

So, for about a week, I slowed down.  I napped.  I rested.  I calmed my mind.

It reminded me of the Nat King Cole song, "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer".
August can be lazy.
August can be hazy.  Our August has been hazy, because of the fires burning in the area.
August can be crazy.
It is hot.  It is dry.  Temperatures rise.  The light outside is harsh.
You long for a cool drink of water, and a cool place to sit and be calm and rest.
August says, "Soon life will be back to full force.  Use your time in August to slow down.  Spend time with loved ones who will soon be gone.  Linger.  Dawdle.  Keep your speed to a minimum.  Give in when you eyes get heavy, and you need to rest.  Rejuvenate."
Don't worry if everything on your list doesn't get accomplished.  That is okay.  It will eventually get done.
For now, take advantage of August.
A time to slow down.

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