My Recent Pottery Creations

I brought home a few more of my creations I made in the Ceramics Class I took over the summer.

Here are a few more items I made.

I get to continue my new found love of pottery making throughout the school year.  I am very excited.

There are so many things you can make with clay.  I am amazed.  My Pinterest "Pottery Ideas" board continues to fill up as I find projects I would like to attempt in the future.

Here is what I brought home this week:

My purple fish pinch pot.

I may bring it to my office at KHS and use it as a candy dish.

This bowl was made in a slump mold.

I combined two different glazes to get this rich color.

This bowl was made with a hump mold. The texture was made by pressing a crocheted doily into the clay.

The inside was glazed with three coats of Firebrick Red.  I love the rich red color.

I used a stain on the outside to help give it a more rustic look, and to highlight the texture.
I was really happy with the way this bowl turned out.

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