Things Are Rather Topsy Turvy

My baby is leaving tomorrow.

And because of this, we celebrated her birthday early, since she will not be here, but in Moscow, Idaho on her birthday.

Is she really turning 19?  Where did the time go?  Wasn't I just back living in Meridian, Idaho, and cracking jokes about going into labor on Labor Day?.....(which I did, by the way).

My baby is soon to enter the last year of her teenage years.

She is moving down to her dorm room tomorrow to embark on the wonderful adventure known as college.

She is following in her father and I's footsteps by attending the University of Idaho...our alma mater.

Our littlest bird is leaving the nest.

Our bird that kept us on the run since she was in grade school, attending basketball games, soccer matches, track meets, plays, band concerts, choir concerts, and any other activity she happened to be involved in.

Now that is all going away.  Now we will attend football games in the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho, and watch our little bird in the U of I Marching Band.

A new phase in her life.  A new phase in our life.

One I am really looking forward to!!

Here are some pictures of tonight's birthday celebration.....about 18 days too early.

 Coco and Chris
 Here comes the white chocolate/huckleberry cheesecake
 Make a Wish!!
 Yes, 19 Candles!!
 Here comes Dad with the cake!!
 After enjoying a meal of Subway sandwiches and chips, Coco, Chris, Molly, Grandma Mary and our wonderful family friend Gail Smith anticipate the birthday cake.
 The almost birthday girl
Let's Celebrate!!!
Coco's actual birthday is September 5th.  Paul and I plan to drive down to Moscow
that evening and have another celebration!!

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Nita Jo said...

I'm excited for all of you, as you begin this new phase of life. I know there may be some lonely moments, with your last little bird out of the nest, but there will be so many new and joyful experiences too! What a beautiful young woman you've raised! She is a treasure!