Happy Harry Potter Land Birthday Molly!!

Earlier this summer I received this text from my 23 year old daughter Molly:

"For my birthday I would like a trip to Orlando, Florida to Harry Potter Land.  Thanks!"

Well,  a trip to Orlando was not in the budget this summer, but we got creative and decided to celebrate Molly's 24th birthday today with a Harry Potter theme....make it like she was actually in Orlando, Florida.  (I'm sure she never even knew the difference).

When she arrived at our house this afternoon, a special letter and wand was awaiting for her to read.  It was a letter the "party planners" wrote to her (her sisters Zoe and Coco, and her cousin Karlie) telling her she had been accepted into the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, but she had to go on the Portkey Scavenger Hunt first.  Her companions were Hagrid (aka her boyfriend Kai) and Molly Weasley (aka, me her mother).  She received her first clue and off we went to find the first Portkey, a punctured football.  Molly found it on the old road to Smelterville.

An empty can at Sunnyside Elementary.

An old boot at the Sunshine Mine Memorial.

A blackened kettle at Kellogg Middle School.

The Tri-Wizard Cup at Brewed Awakening Coffee Stand in Pinehurst, plus she received a free birthday drink.

A hair brush at Kellogg Pet Medical Center.

Vodemort at the Norberg Air Compressor in uptown Kellogg, behind where our house use to be up on McKinley Avenue.

A bent hanger at Kellogg High School.

An old newspaper at the Hill Street Depot.

And an old tire at Madame Woolum's house (aka Grandma Mary's house).

After finding the clue in the old tire, Molly and Kai played a game of Wizarding Chess.

Oh no, another wizard arrived with wand in hand!!

Molly and her dad with their wands.

Arriving at "Hogwarts" and having the Sorting Hat put her in Griffindor!!

She looked in a reflection in a mirror and found the Sorcerer's Stone.

We all took our O.W.L.'s.  Coco had the "best grade".
Present time!!

An English feast for dinner organized by sister Zoe.

Our own game of Quidditch after dinner. Team Hufflepuff (Mom and Dad) vs. Team Griffindor (Molly and Kai).

Grandma Mary could throw in the "Snitch" at any time to make the game more interesting.

Griffindor wins!!

Birthday cake time, with a delicious cake baked by Cousin Karlie!!

Then we gathered around the fire and Zoe asked us Harry Potter trivia questions.

I am so thankful I have a daughter who says as we start the scavenger hunt, "We are combining two of my favorite things...finding clues like Nancy Drew and Harry Potter."

We had a fun time creating our own Harry Potter Land for Molly, and helping her celebrate her 24th birthday!!  Maybe someday she will make it to Orlando and the real Harry Potter Land.....but I have a feeling it will pale in comparison to what she experienced today!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sweet, talented,big-hearted daughter who God blessed us with 24 years ago today in Glendive, Montana.  May you have a blessed year ahead!!

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