This TIme Of Year Always Comes At The Wrong Time Of Year

When you have a garden, and yard, and it finally starts producing vegetables to harvest, it is time to change from summer routine to fall routine.

And it isn't an easy change.  I always feel like this time of year at the end of August always comes at the wrong time of the year, because I don't have as much time to tend to things in the yard as I did all summer.

My garden is a little behind this year, so things are just coming on.  But now I am back at work, and can't putter around in my garden like I have been.  The puttering is now reserved for late afternoon.

And the evenings have been very pleasant, but the sun is going down too soon.  I don't like that by 8 o'clock the sun has set, and things are getting dark. 

I have a really wonderful garden and yard with vegetables and flowers, and do quite well making them look nice throughout the summer.  And I bring my houseplants outside each summer and put them on the patio, and they thrive.  They get healthy, and some bloom with flowers, that I didn't even know they could do that, and they get lots of sun and water.  I love having my plants outside.  See how healthy they look!!

Then when the temperatures change I bring them back inside, and then I kind of neglect them.  They don't get watered as consistently as they should, and they don't get as much light, and often get too much heat.  I always feel sorry for my plants when they have to go back into the house.  I don't intentionally try to kill them off.  They just often get neglected.

Things have drastically changed lately.  The morning light shows up much later than before.  My morning walks now begin in the dark.  As the sun rises later and later, it is harder to get up in the morning. 

When the pleasant end of summer/beginning of fall weather comes, I want to have more time to enjoy it.  I want to linger outside, and have it light longer, and be able to garden.  But those things are now enjoyed more at the end of the day, after my workday ends.  And I will watch the days get progressively shorter as we head toward the official beginning of autumn, and then into winter.

But. this is the way it is.  And this had pretty much been my schedule ever since I began first grade.

Maybe as I get older, I spend more time appreciating things, and now need to focus on what is good about shorter days and longer nights.

Because it is going to be this way for quite a few more years.

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