Post #1000: Today's Circle of Women

I have had a wonderful time this summer connecting with various women in my life.

These connections have happened with family members, far away friends, old friends, new friends, and people I have just met.

They have happened behind a movie camera, around a campfire, while creating items with slabs of clay, on a trail, around a table, or sitting in my backyard.

Today was no exception.  Today I got to spend the afternoon with four wonderful women as we sat around a table in a cozy cabin on Coeur d'Alene Lake, and I listened to the stories they told.  Times like this are so priceless.

One woman had been a medical missionary in Burma and Thailand. 

Another woman had been a military wife, and had been stationed in Saudi Arabia.

One of the women has known me all my life.  She was probably one of my first babysitters when I was little.  We learned a lot about the area between Kellogg and the Harrison area driving to and from the lake today.

And the fourth woman was a new friend, who happened to be an old friend of the person who hosted the luncheon today.  We enjoyed talking to one another about gardening.

We held hands and our hostess blessed our time together and gave thanks to God for friendship.

One of the women in our midst was waiting to hear news about her sister, who was probably in her final hours.

The cabin we gathered was a place of comfort.  A place where family often gathers for fun, relaxation, and comfort.  This has been going on at this place for over 50 years.  It had a nice feel....you knew you were in a place filled with love.

Each time I am with a circle of women, my life is enriched.  I hear stories.  I see other ways of looking at life.  I do not take these times for granted, because they are times of learning....times of growing....times of loving.

Take time to gather with others.  Take time to listen.  Take time to learn.  Take time to love.

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