The Shift

It began today.

Things shifted, just a little bit.

Our lives will never be the same.  It is official.  All three girls are in college, and are now pursuing some lofty goals.

We took Coco and all of her things to the University of Idaho today and helped her move into her dorm room.  And we had Parent and Marching Band Orientation, too.

Things will be different from now on.

No more kids in school. 

Yes, there will be adjustments.  Yes, it will get lonely at times.  Yes, other times, we may enjoy our together time.

But even though there is a shift, I am so proud of my three girls.

Molly, who is working full time and attending North Idaho College as she pursues a degree in Education.

Zoe, who head back down to Caldwell this weekend, who wants to be an Anthropologist or Sociologist, with a little Journalism, Religion and Natural Science thrown in for good measure.

And Coco, who will begin her time at the University of Idaho pursuing a degree in Broadcast and Digital Media.

And is a member of the University of Idaho Marching Band, so we will get to follow her and her band performances this fall.

Here are some pics from dropping Coco off today:

 Coco standing in line to get all her dorm information.

Coco and Molly at lunch

 Coco and her best friend Sidnee who came up from Clarkston to help out.
Sidnee, Zoe, Coco and Molly

Four beautiful girls.

 Mom, Coco and Dad

 Family Photo

 Hugging Goodbye!

 More hugs from Dad

 Goodbye Molly

 Goodbye Zoe!

This wasn't the official goodbye.  That will come on Friday, when we return to U of I for Parent Orientation, and to do some more activities.  Then we head on down to Caldwell to take Zoe to her house to get ready for college.

It is all rather strange....not sure it has all sunken in yet.

But it will.

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Nita Jo said...

This one brought some tears. I kept seeing pictures of three little girls in my mind, who have grown into three beautiful women! How blessed you are!