Being Like A Kid Again

This summer, I have allowed myself to do some things that were kind of like being like a kid again.  I haven't had a summer like this in a long time.  Here are some things I did this summer that were fun, playful, and made me feel like a child again.

1.  I hiked on the hill behind the house I grew up on, just like I used to do as a kid.

2.  I walked behind Kellogg High School up to the reservoir, just like I did when I was a kid.  But when I was a kid, we walked in the creek....I didn't do that.

3.  I bought a Barbie Doll....for myself.

4.  I slept out on a mattress in my backyard under the stars so I could experience a Super Moon and look for Shooting Stars.

5.  I went to my sister's house two different times and had sleep-overs with my friends.

6.  I sat around a campfire in the backyard, and roasted marshmallows.

7.  I hung out with girlfriends I have known practically my whole life.

8.  I made things out of mud.  (Well, technically, it was clay, but close enough!!)

9.  I weeded in my mom's backyard.  (Yep, haven't done that chore since I was a kid).

10.  I played make believe and got to dress up like a witch and be in a movie.

11.  I had tea parties with friends.

12.    I played Quidditch and went on a Scavenger Hunt at my daughter's birthday party.

13.  I climbed up and down stairs in Wallace, Idaho,...because they were there.

14.  I took delight in watching yellow flowers grow in my garden...especially when the Sunflower bloomed.

15.  I enjoyed the beauty and wonder of the place I live in, and was amazed at the glorious world that God created.

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Christy Woolum said...

What a good list. I love how you wrote it all down so you will remember this summer. I am proud of you for allowing yourself this summer to return to your roots enjoying all that you love to do.