It's A Wrap!!

Those were the words I heard tonight as the movie, "Across Bank Street: The Last Witch" finished filming on location in Wallace, Idaho.

I am playing Pemphredo, The Last Witch.

These last two nights have been interesting shooting at The Jameson restaurant.  Wednesday I did a dance scene, and Thursday night involved filming outside.  The temperature Wednesday night was very warm, and sweat kept running down my face.  The temperature Thursday night dropped below 60 degrees, plus it was a little breezy, so the exterior shots made the  and film crew very cold.  I stayed inside most of the time, trying to stay awake, so the cold didn't bother me much.  But the poor kids in the scene were very cold!!!
Film making is a very interesting process.  Next week I will go in and do some voice overs for a scene, then our director Nancy Hanks will start editing and putting together a rough cut of  the movie.  The final product will probably be done around Christmas.
Everyone involved with the movie was really great to work with, and I met some really wonderful people.  I can't wait until I see the finished product!!

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