Back on Course

Charting Our Course

Today April #1 and I met for lunch and got some things in our lives back on course.
Ever since the beginning of August, things got a little off course for both of us.

This time wandering out to sea was okay, but it felt good today to get some things back to the course we had charted at the beginning of summer.

*We got caught up on what had been happening in our lives.

*We set a time for our Creative Masterminds Group to meet and what we would give them as an assignment and other fun creative exercises to do as we meet.

*We shared about the two projects we both have in our lives that we want to get done tomorrow.  We are getting back together on Saturday to check on each other's progress. 

*We both enjoyed a three cheese grilled sandwich with huckleberries in the middle, and watermelon gazpacho soup at the Fainting Goat in Wallace.  Both were delicious.  And we both had a cappuccino.  April deviated from our "sameness" by ordering a cup of tea, too.  I'd already had some Earl Gray before we met for lunch, so I guess it all evened out...ha! ha!

*Plans were made for Labor Day Weekend, including a hike up to a mountain lake (our physical challenge, as I like to call it) and then dinner with our families on Labor Day.

For me, it was a great time of motivation, and making plans, and setting a course for what lies ahead.  It is good to have an accountability partner to meet with on a regular basis.  We enjoy getting together and sharing ideas, and creativity, and keeping one another on track.

Iris Orego was an Italian/English writer who turned her estate into a safe house for orphaned chidren, Jewish refugees, and P.O.W.'s during World War II.  I love this quote she says about Friendship.  It goes so well with what happened between April and I today.

Friendship---any close friendship---is so various, made up of so many strands; companionship, the sharing of laughter, common work and common tastes.


april said...

loved our planning/dreaming/scheming day together. and love you.

Tim O'R said...

'Immediately thought that was Cathy--uncanny!