The Magical Moon

When I was growing up here in Kellogg, and the temperature in my upstairs bedroom would be too hot, we would drag mattresses up from the basement and get our sleeping bags and sleep out in the backyard.

Last night, I decided to do that again.  It wasn't because it was too hot in my bedroom.  It was because I wanted to enjoy the Super Moon and the Perseid Meteor Shower. 

So Paul put a tarp on the grass in our backyard, and went down into our basement and drug three mattresses upstairs.  We put sheets on the mattresses and some warm blankets, and Paul, Zoe and I snuggled into a night of sleeping under the stars.

It was fun watching the sky, and basking in the glow of the moon.  I kept missing the falling stars, though. Zoe saw some.  Paul saw some.  I kept looking in the wrong place.

Around 1 p.m., I knew I needed an additional blanket, so I went inside and got a sleeping bag.  I unzipped it and put it over me, and then I was nice and warm.  At this point, the moon was right over me, shining down.  And, I finally saw a shooting star!!

I find it interesting what pops into my head while enjoying the peaceful, moon-filled backyard last night.  Often my thoughts went to the children in the Mid-East.  Children who have never experienced the peace and quiet of a safe backyard to look up at the moon and the stars, without the fear of bombs going off in the distance, or close to wear they live.

It was also a night full of prayer.  It is easy to talk to God while basking in the glow of a Super Moon, and looking at a sky full of stars.  And I took time to listen as well.  I kept asking God how I could help with a certain situation.  And the answer I heard on that starry, starry night....keep praying.

There is something magical about basking in moonglow.  Songs are written about it.  Books have scenes set in the moonlight.  I remember reading a book to my girls about bears dancing in the moonlight.  Last night was that kind of night.  I wouldn't have been surprised to see bears dancing in my backyard.

Around 3 p.m., I was awakened by the sound of two cats yowling at one another. (It would have been better if they had been dancing.)  Then our dogs, who were kenneled up inside, started barking.  I clapped my hands and tried to scare the cats.  They momentarily stopped, then started up again.  Paul woke up and went to investigate.  It was two neighbor cats who had come into our yard to have a stand off.  (I was thankful none of our four cats were the guilty parties.)  Paul scared them off, and the rest of the night was spent in peaceful slumber.

When I woke up this morning, I felt rested and I didn't want to get up.  But Coco needed to be to work at 7 a.m., so I got up to make sure she was up.

As I have shared a few times, I have felt tired lately, lacking in energy.  Well, the sleep in the moonlight must have energized me, because today I felt the best I have in about 10 days.  I had energy and worked on some projects around the house, and felt really good. 

I see the moon, and the moon sees me....
God Bless the moon, and God Bless Me!!

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Nita Jo said...

Sounds nice! I spent a few minutes outside, looking at the moon. It was beautiful!