The first T.V. I remembered in our home was a small black and white one.

Then we went to color.

Most of the T.V. watching I remember growing up was in color.

Many of my fondest memories have to do with television shows I watched growing up.

Here are some of my memories:

1.  Saturday Night Live--I remember watching the original season that began in the fall of 1975.  I was 12 years old, and a 7th grader at Kellogg Junior High School.  It is amazing that next year, in 2015, that SNL will have been on for 40 years.

2.  Sesame Street began in 1969, and I remember watching it almost from the beginning, with Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch and Mr. Hooper.  I loved watching Sesame Street, and loved watching it again once I had children.

3.  Happy Days was a fun show that took you back to the "50's"......and made The Fonz a household name.

4.  M*A*S*H* was such a great show.  I had no idea what the Korean Conflict was all about, but it didn't matter, because the characters in this show and the writing were so well done.  It started in 1972, and I still remember watching the final episode in the "Smoker" (or T.V. Room) at the Tri-Delt house at the University of Idaho, with many of us unable to hold the tears back.

5.  With the passing of "The Professor" recently, I remember Gilligan's Island and all the funny things that happened to them on that desert isle.

6.  The Brady Bunch....the blended family that lived in the modern suburban home with their housekeeper Alice.  I loved that show.

7.  Who can turn the world on with her smile?.....Mary Tyler Moore, of course.  I think it was on either Friday or Saturday night, because I watched it almost every week.  And I enjoyed the spin-offs as well, "Rhoda" and "Phyllis".

8.  The Carol Burnett Show....probably one of the reasons I enjoy acting on stage to this day.  So funny...so clever.  I loved that is was live, and that sometimes things just got so funny they couldn't stop laughing.  And who can ever forget..."Went With The Wind"?

9.  Welcome Back, Kotter....Gabe Kaplan played such a great teacher in the inner city of New York with the Sweathogs, and our first real look at John Travolta, as Vinnie Barbarino.

10.  All in the Family.....This was quite a cutting edge show, and I lived with Archie Bunker....my dad was Archie Bunker.  Dad sat in a white tshirt, had a beer, and had his own chair.  Dad called my boyfriend in high school "Meathead".  What a great show....as well as the spin offs, "The Jeffersons" and "Maude".

11.  Columbo....one of my favorite detective shows.  I still remember him finding a small feather on the floor, and it helped him solve the crime!!

12.  Good Night John Boy....Good Night Sue Ellen....Oh I loved "The Waltons".  It was a show that made you feel good.

13.  Dallas....the burning questions my senior year in high school was...."Who shot J.R.?"

14.  Bewitched....who didn't want to crinkle their nose and have wonderful things happen?  Or bring your arms together and bob your head, and be like Jeannie in "I Dream of Jeannie"?

15.  I remember coming home from Sunnyside School in first or second grade, and getting home in time to watch "Dark Shadow".  No wonder I had nightmares and was scared of the dark as a child.  I still remember the floating hand.

16.  The Love Boat......such a fun show that brought famous televisions stars together in funny situations.   Later, we got to visit "Fantasy Island" in much the same way.

17.  The Bob Newhart Show.....like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I watched this sitcom every week.  Great characters!

18.  "Charlie's Angels".  What junior high girl didn't want to be an "Angel"?  You of course, always had to pick one.  I never wanted to be Farah....I like Jacqueline Smith the best.

19.  "Laverne and Shirley"....again a show that took us back to the 50's.  Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams were perfect in those roles.

20.  "The Odd Couple".  Again, another show I watched weekly.  One of the highlights of the summer of 1974 when Expo was in Spokane, was seeing the play "The Odd Couple" with Jack Klugman and Tony Randal playing the roles of Oscar and Felix.  We saw the performance in the newly built "Opera House", which is now knows at the IMB Performing Arts Center.

21.  Starsky and Hutch.....So cute...but I think I liked Paul Michael Glaser the most!!

22.  The Muppet Show....a variety show with Muppets.  How could you go wrong?  A very clever show and well written.  A highlight of my junior high and high schools years.

23.   The Partridge Family....who wouldn't want to go on the road with your singing family in a multi-colored bus...especially if David Cassidy was coming along?  I own many Partridge Family albums, and various other Partridge Family memorabilia.  And I can probably sing you almost every song of there by heart.

24.  The Six Million Dollar Man...followed by The Bionic Woman.  Who didn't want to be The Bionic Woman, Jamie Somers?

25.  Baretta.  I wanted to marry Robert Blake and help him solve crimes with his fun Cockatoo, Fred.

Bring back any memories??

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