Today we begin the process of getting our third daughter a college student.

Cosette and I are going to attend Vandal Friday tomorrow to get her registered for her classes to prepare for her freshman year at the University of Idaho.

I am very grateful to my parents who saw the importance of an education.

For my brother, sister and I, we all decided to get a college education.  It always seemed to me that as I grew up it wasn't "are you going to college", only  "where are you going to college".

I am thankful for my college education at the University of Idaho.

I am glad all three of my daughters are pursuing college degrees.

It will be exciting next fall to have all three girls attending college, each following their own path.

Right now, Cosette is looking at majoring in Broadcasting and Digital Media.  I was a Communication major at the U of I, and some of the classes Coco is required to take for her major were classes I took.

It is fun to see the excitement in Coco's face as she talks about going to college.

And I'm glad one of our girls has decided to attend college at their parent's alma mater!! 


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barb said...

I D A H O !! Hug Rosie if you see her.