House Cleaning

House cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do.

But it is a necessary evil.

But sometimes house cleaning is forced upon us because of circumstances beyond our control.

Like today, for instance.

Remember yesterday, I shared about daughter Zoe sharing the "bad news" first?

Well, today it was daughter Molly's turn to share a little bad news with her dad.  And this truly was bad news.

She discovered there was quite a bit of water in our basement.

Fortunately the last time this happened, probably 3 years ago or so, I put many things in plastic tubs.  So we didn't lose too many things.  But water is never easy to deal with in your home. 

And I know many of my friends have it FAR worse than we do at their homes.  Some people are dealing with actual flooding.  With us, it looks as if it is ground water seeping up through a crack in the cement floor.

If you look close, you can see the crack in the floor at the bottom of this picture.  That is where the water keeps seeping up, and seeping up.  And Paul keeps using the Shop Vac to suck it up....suck it up.  Of course, ours wasn't working, so he had to go borrow one from Mom.

There is our yellow Shop Vac in the upper right hand corner that isn't working.

And there is the view looking from the back of the basement toward the front. 

But, like I said, it could have been much worse.  Once all the water is sucked up and under some control, we'll have to go do some cleaning and drying out of things. 

Well, the basement has needed a good cleaning for quite a while.

And it did help me find a box of papers that were old bank statements and receipts from when we lived in Meridian.  That was 14 years ago.  I think I can throw away the items in that box.  There was even one with burn marks on it that had survived the fire that happened when we moved up to Kellogg.

We also found many other precious treasures as we cleaned out some of the cardboard boxes that got wet on the bottom.  Old photos....the girl's old church camp journals.....birthday cards.....school awards.....we had quite the trip down memory lane, and that was only a few boxes.

I guess I know what is on my agenda tomorrow night!!

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