The West Wing

The West Wing is one of my most favorite television series of all time.

We own all seven seasons on DVD, and I have watched all seven seasons at least seven times.

And each time I watch it, I still laugh in the same places.

And I cry at the same things.

I love well-written television shows.  And, in my opinion, Aaron Sorkin knows how to write.  Even though he stopped writing the series after the fourth season, his influence was still there.

I also like ensemble dramas.  Especially when the members of the ensemble keep coming back season after season and you see their character evolve.

I'll never forget the scene us the National Cathedral when President Bartlet lashes out at God in Latin after the death of his secretary Mrs. Landingham.

And C. J. Gregg performing "The Jackal".

Watching Charlie go from Personal Aide to the President in season one, to ending up as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff in seasons six and seven.

Watching President Bartlet and his staff deal with the president's MS.

Dealing with the death of Leo McGarry because of the real death of John Spencer.

Getting a fascinating history lesson in the episode "Isaac and Ishamael" as staffer debate about terrorism when it is found there may be a suspected terrorist working in the White House.

I didn't watch "The West Wing" when it first started in the fall of 1999.  But the following year, we moved to Kellogg and lived with my mom from August to November, and started watching it at her house during the second season.  Then I was hooked.  When we moved out of Mom's, she faithfully taped the show each week on VHS for us.

Once it ended, I was still hooked, so, over time, we purchased all seven seasons.

And, whenever I feel the urge to see some really good television, I put in a DVD, and enjoy watching episodes of "The West Wing".

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