Kindred Spirits

I didn't read the Anne of Green Gables books until after I had graduated college.

But once I read the first one, I was hooked.  And I loved Anne's notion of having a "kindred spirit".

Dictionary.com defines kindred spirit this way:

Definition:   a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or
 features with another; also called
kindred soul.

urbandictionary.com defines it like this:

Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. This connection can be from the same experience at the same time or two separate experiences similar in nature. 

I am fortunate to have a very special friend in my life, who is also my kindred spirit.

My friend Anita.
Anita and I last year at a play at The College of Idaho.  Her son Evan also attends C of I along with my daughter Zoe.

As I look back on our friendship, I'm trying to figure out when we first realized our special connection.  Anita is Paul's first cousin, and I met her for the first time the summer of 1981. 

But we really didn't connect until Paul and I moved to Meridian in 1991, and at some point, we knew our friendship was special. 

There is something comforting about being with someone who you know loves you unconditionally, and accepts you for who you are....warts and all.  And you feel the same way toward her.  And we have a lot of similarities.  We like similar things, and have a similar world view.  I never feel any anxiety when I am with her, like I will say the wrong thing, or that I will somehow offend her in any way.  I am very relaxed around her. 

We don't get to see one another very often, but when we do, it is as if no time has passed between us.  We pick right up where we left off...sharing our joys and sorrows, our frustrations and triumphs.

Lucy Montgomery was on to something when she had Anne Shirley talk about her kindred spirits.  It is truly something special to have kindred spirits. 

And it is truly special to have a friend like Anita.

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Nita Jo said...

My dear friend, I love what you wrote! You are so special to me, and I hope we get to have a coffee and a long, long chat very soon! Love to you, my kindred spirit!