Family Togetherness

It has been a while since we have been together with my husband's family.

Tonight we gathered to celebrate Paul's sister's 50th birthday.

Besides the birthday girl, all four brothers were there, with their wives.

Each of the first cousins were in attendance but one....that means there were seven in attendance.  The eighth was unable to be here.

There were three great-grandsons in attendance as well, and one of them is only 22 days old.  (Welcome Nash!!)

The birthday girl's mother and father were there.

Plus two sets of aunts and uncles, and a multitude of her first cousins with their family members.

We had a whole houseful of family!!

And it was wonderful.

Since we live up in Northern Idaho, and the majority of Paul's family lives in the Meridian area, we don't often get to gather with all the family at one time.

But tonight was different.  It was an evening of celebrating, not only a birthday, but a family.

We celebrated men who are wonderful husbands and fathers.

We celebrated women who are wonderful wives and mothers.

We celebrated five women who are sister-in-laws that all truly love one another, and enjoy spending time together.

We celebrated cousins who are as close as siblings.

We celebrated our faith in God, and the many blessings He has given us.

I know many people who dread family togetherness.  They do it out of duty, or a sense of obligation.

Tonight we did not attend this birthday party out of any sense of duty or obligation.

We attended because of our love of family and our desire to be a part of this large gathering of people who love one another.

Family togetherness tonight left me with a warm glow.

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