Good Friday

Yesterday was a very good Friday.

I took my youngest daughter Cosette to my alma mater, The University of Idaho, to participate in Vandal Friday, where she learned more about the college, and registered for her fall classes.

The morning started out with the Vandal Marching Band performing.  Ah, such great memories of being a part of that group when I was in college.

Then we went to the informational fair on the floor of the Kibbie Dome.  It again brought back memories of working as a reporter at the "Argonaut", being a DJ at the college's radio station, KUOI, and being a part of Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as Cru.

Then we went to informational sessions on "Getting Involved on Campus" and "All About Music".  Boy I wish they would have done things like this when I started at the U of I.  I was sharing with Coco that I don't even remember how I registered for my first semester of classes.

At lunch, I ran into two friends from college, Barbie and Tony Tesnohlidek, who were there with their daughter.  Barbie was one of my pledge sisters, and Tony was in the Farmhouse Fraternity, where I was a Little Sister.  It was so great seeing them and catching up.  I can't even remember the last time I saw them.

I also saw another pledge sister's son in the bleachers in the Kibbie Dome.

A woman who was sitting in front of me at one point turned to ask me a question.  We got to talking, and we had both been in Marching Band together.

I ran into Lee Ely, who I graduated from high school with at Kellogg High School.  We also attended U of I at the same time.  His daughter is also attending U of I, and will be on the same dorm floor as Coco.

Other faces looked familiar.

I had a lot of emotions and memories flow over me yesterday.  I was proud that Coco is following in her parent's footsteps, and attending the University of Idaho. 

This was even signified on her nametag, as she was designated as a "Legacy"!!

I'm glad she is joining the U of I Marching Band, just like me.  I'm glad she is going to be a part of the Journalism and Mass Media Department, just like I was....even though it wasn't called that back then.  I'm glad the head of that department is a close family friend.  It always helps to have friends in high places.  And I believe her advisor will be someone we know as well, a woman who used to live in Kellogg, but now works at the U of I.

A lot has changed at the U of I, but some things remain the same.

Bruce Pittman is still the Dean of Students.  He gave a great talk to the parents about what to do next to help your child be a successful college student.

Even though there are lots of changes inside, the Tri-Delta Sorority, my home while at the U of I, looks about the same on the outside.

I'm looking forward to this fall, and taking the opportunity to attend the U of I home football games.  This, of course, will be to watch the marching band.  But I may watch a little football, too, as long as Paul is by my side explaining to me what is happening, just like he did back when we were in college.

I'm looking forward to Paul attending Dad's Weekend, and me attending Mom's Weekend, and all the festivities surrounding Homecoming.

And after spending a day on the U of I campus once again, I'm really glad the Coco made the choice to spend her next four years in Moscow.


Christy Woolum said...

Me too... I'll bet that was emotional. Bruce Pittman...frozen in time. Maybe I can sneak down to Mom's Week-End as an auntie!! Who is her advisor that was from Kellogg?

Silver Valley Girl said...

Her name is Lisa Hill.