I've been experiencing some new things in my life these past two months in regards to exercise.

Here are some clues:

Deep Breath In.....Deep Breath Out.



Upward Facing Dog.

Downward Facing Dog.

Split Down Dog.

Tree Pose

Warrior One....Warrior Two....Warrior Three....Reverse Warrior.


Chair Pose.

Yes, part of the DVD series I am doing, Be Fit in 90, has a Yoga section that I really enjoy.  I can't believe in just two months how much better my balance is, how much more flexible I have become, and how I feel stronger.

My plan is to continue having Yoga as part of my exercise regime because it is so good for the body.

It is amazing to me how much Yoga makes you sweat.



dollHouse said...

This is great. I'm doing the same thing on line at Melissa West Namaste Yoga. She has over 200 one hour sessions. I'm hooked.

Silver Valley Girl said...

That sounds great Nancy. I will have to check it out on the days I would like to do more yoga.