As I look back over my adult life, I realize I have had morning walking partners for most of my adult life.

When I lived in Glendive, Montana, I walked with Gloria B. in the morning.

When I lived in Meridian, Idaho, I walked with DeAnn P.

And when I moved to Kellogg, Nikki R. became my morning walking partner.

There are a lot of advantages to have a morning walking partner.

They keep you accountable.  You always know there is someone there waiting for you to walk.

Sometimes they are someone to vent to, or work through a problem. 

I appreciated each of these ladies.

Starting off walking in the morning is a great way to start the day. 

And the health benefits of walking, and being active is also very beneficial.

In all the years of walking, there was one strange experience.  This may sound weird, and when I have shared this story, people said it sounded weird.  But we both experienced it, and I can't really explain what happened.

It was when I lived in Meridian and walked with DeAnn.  We were walking along our normal route in the residential area near my home, and, if I remember correctly, all of a sudden it was as if the ground moved or shifted, and we both lost our balance.  We didn't fall, just were jolted a bit.  And we both asked the other if we felt that, and we had.  Then it seemed like for a while after that, I felt a little vertigo now and then.

I haven't thought about this incident in a long time.  But I like the mystery of the occurrence.  I don't think everything that happens has to have a logical and tangible explanation.

Currently Nikki and I walk in the middle school in the winter.  Once the weather gets nice, we have a route around Kellogg where we walk.  I like walking outside more than inside.  I like watching the sky change in the mornings.  I like seeing the trees change with the seasons.  I hope we are outside soon, because I love the outside morning walks.

How grateful and blessed I have been to have these three wonderful ladies as my walking partners throughout my life.  I value each and every one of their friendships.

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