When we lost our dog Peaches last fall, eventually the conversation turned to wondering what kind of dog we would like to get next.

My choice is a Pug.

When I revealed my choice, I had mixed reviews.  It seems like people either love them, or not too fond of them.

I often get asked "Why a Pug?"

I have Frank to blame.

Frank, the pug from the Men in Black movies.  For some reason, this character made me want to have a Pug.

If you aren't familiar with Frank, or would like to see him again....watch this video.

As I have thought about getting another dog, I realize that I have never had a dog to call my own.  Peaches was really Paul's dog.  Sadie, one of our Pomeranians is Molly's dog, and Juliet, our other Pom is Zoe's dog....even though I feed them, give them water, and make sure they are happy and healthy.  They are not "my dogs".

I want a dog that is "my dog".  And I think this adorable Pug is just the breed to call my own.

I found a video on Pugs that tell all about them.  Basically, if I keep their wrinkles clean and don't choke them so their eyes pop out, I'm good to go!!

It is funny.  It is as if a campaign has started on my Facebook account.  Friends now let me know if there is a Pug out there in need of adoption.

If I do get one this year, it won't be until closer to summer, so I have more time to train it.

And I probably will be looking for a female, not a male dog like Frank.

And I bet this Pug will win over all you Pug naysayers!! 

That is my goal!


Tona Leetch said...

Pugs are amazing. My son Paul got one for his daughter Drew. Her name is Boo. Boo had a puppy that my son faced me an I named him Kasey. Boo had more puppies 7 of them. We lost2 but we kept a little guy who my son named cleft. He had a cleft pallet. With the help of Paula welling our vet an Sarah Thomas we got him thru. We had the boys for 4years an they died about a headscarf. I am still missing my boys. They are my timeline photo. Once you have a pug you will always love them.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Tona, thank you so much for your comment about your pugs. I looked at the photo on Facebook...so adorable!! I bet you do miss those boys!!