I love to laugh.

I have been told I have a very noticeable laugh.  Often it happens when I am in the grocery store.  I will be visiting with someone, and laughing with them, and I run into someone a few minutes later who says, "Oh yes, I knew you were here.  I could hear your laugh across the store."

I have also been told I have a very infectious laugh, that people appreciate it.  (Thanks Angie Colburn!!)  That always makes me feel good.

Often I am surprised by comments by people who are around me for a while, and say things like, oh, it is so nice to hear someone laugh....I don't hear people laugh that often.


I find that a bit sad.  I am very fortunate.  I have a life filled with laughter.  Our family laughs a lot.  And it isn't mean laughter at other people's expense.  It is laughter coming from enjoying one another's company, and the enjoyment of each other's humor. 

Some of the best laughs I have are with my friends I have know almost my whole life.  When I am with these people, we can say one word, and it can bring us to tears because we are laughing so hard, remembering some funny moment from our childhood.

Oh, I imagine there are some people who are annoyed by my laughter.  Oh well, I think more people like it than don't.

This post makes me think of the song, "I Love To Laugh" from the movie "Mary Poppins".  I was reminded of this song when I recently went and saw the movie "Saving Mr. Banks". 

Now watch this video, and see if you can keep a straight face!!

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