House Plants

I have a pretty good green thumb outside.

But for my houseplants inside....not so much.

It has something to do with watering.

I forget.

In fact tonight, I'm looking up on the TV cabinet where three houseplants sit, an asparagus fern, a Christmas cactus and a coleus.

The fern and the cactus don't look too bad.

The coleus is wilting.  So I grabbed my water bottle and gave it a dose of water.

Some of my plants are located in places where they get more water, because they are easier to get to since they are close to the kitchen....an easy source of water.

But others I just forget to water.

Now, when summer comes, my houseplants are moved out onto the patio, and they thrive!!  They get watered almost every day, and love being outdoors.

Then I have to bring them back inside once the weather starts getting cold.

It is almost as if I hear them sigh as they are moved indoors.

I don't mean to neglect them.

I don't mean to dehydrate them.

But it happens.

Hey houseplants, only four more months until June, then you'll get to go outside.

I can hear the cheers already!!

1 comment:

Nita Jo said...

Sounds exactly like me! Although, mine have been thriving lately. I decided to keep my watering can on the kitchen counter, near the sink. It helps me remember better. They get watered at least once a week... when I notice the can! Lol!