Oh Canada!

I'm not exactly sure when my love of Canada happened, but there are many things about the Canadian culture that I love.

Some of it goes back to when my brother gave my the show "Slings and Arrows" on DVD.  This is a Canadian show based on a Shakespearean Theater, starring a Canadian Actor names Paul Gross.  There were three seasons of this show, and it is absolutely brilliant!

After enjoying Paul Gross in this show, I started looking for other shows he was in.  "Due South" was a show from the 90's that was about a Canadian Mountie, played by Paul Gross, who travels to Chicago to find the man who murdered his father.  It was also a cleverly written show.

One of my favorite sitcoms (and this is from someone who doesn't really enjoy sitcoms all that much), is a Canadian show called "Corner Gas".  Deriving its name from the roadside gas station in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, Corner Gas is the only gas station for 60 kilometres (37 mi) in any direction. Brent Leroy is the proprietor of the station and Wanda Dollard works at the station's convenience store as a retail assistant. An adjoining, The Ruby, is owned by Lacey Burrows, who inherited it from her Aunt Ruby.  I really enjoy Canadian humor.

The Kellogg High School band has a exchange program with a band from Invermere, British Columbia.  Every other year, either Kellogg visit Invermere, or the Invermere band comes to Kellogg.  About four years ago, we hosted a group of girls from this band at our home, and we instantly hit it off.  I still am in contact with a few of them, and I always refer to them as my "favorite Canadian girls!!"

Two years ago, I chaperoned a trip to Invermere, and enjoyed the beautiful country of British Columbia.  One highlight was trying our hand at curling.  That was quite an experience!!

Last summer my brother, sister and I traveled to Nelson, British Columbia for a sibling trip.  I enjoyed the architecture of this town, and the food was really good, too.  Two years ago, my brother Bill and I did a quick one day trip into Canada, and stopped at a pub for lunch, and I had a Okanogan Hard Apple Cider to drink with lunch.  It was the best hard apple cider I have ever tasted, but could not find this particular brand, in a bottle, on our last trip to Canada.  The search still continues.

My sister and her husband traveled to Canada a few days ago, and I asked her to buy me a box of Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea.  To me, the Canadian version of this tea tastes better than the American version.

I hope to do more traveling in Canada in the future. One place I definitely want to visit is Victoria, British Columbia.  Vancouver sounds like a nice big city to visit as well. 

If you enjoy Shakespeare, watch "Slings and Arrows".  Now, there is some language in this show that, I have to admit, turned me off when I first started watching it.  But then once I realized the language was authentic to the characters that are being portrayed, and used in context, then it didn't bother me as much.

For a funny, quirky sit com, watch "Corner Gas". 

"Due South" is another well written show that you may want to try.

Oh, and another favorite I discovered on my last trip to Canada...the CafĂ© Canadiano....a shot of espresso in a cup of brewed coffee.  Yum!

We are fortunate to have such a great country north of our border.  If you haven't had a chance, take some time to enjoy our Canadian neighbors and their culture.

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