Mother Teresa

I admire Mother Teresa.

I heard a story about her from a man who tried to have her come and speak at a Christian conference he was helping organize.

Apparently, Mother Teresa was a little hard to schedule.

When this man talked to the nun that was her "scheduler" this nun kept explaining to this man that Mother Teresa really doesn't live by a schedule.  Because she responds to what the Holy Spirit tells her to do, and sometimes that slows her up.

For example, if she was on her way to an appointment, but saw a homeless person on the sidewalk, and she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and minster to this person, she would stop and take the time to minister to this person.

I long to live this way.  I know I shouldn't let my lifestyle be a hindrance to serving God, but it  in a way.  When you have a job, you have to be places at certain times.  "Life" gets it does get in the way.  But I want the opportunity to not have life get in the way.  I want to put myself in a situation, even if it was for a week, to just respond to the Holy Spirit, and be directed every moment of the day.

Last summer when we went to Harlem, I got a little taste of this, but we still had things scheduled for us. Which was actually the part I loved.  But I would love to go back and just be led by God to help people. To me, that would be a wonderful adventure.  To be available to love those who many find unlovable.

I hope to get that opportunity sometime soon.

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