Gathering Graces 2/28/2018

*Today we bid adieu to the month of February.   Today was a day for a lot of birthdays.  One of my seniors is technically a leap year baby, but she celebrates on February 28.  My sister-in-law Laurie had a birthday today.  Lots of birthday celebrations today!!
*Yesterday the Kellogg Wildcat Boys Basketball Team headed down to Meridian to participate in the Boys State Basketball Tournament.  Today the band and cheerleaders left.  Many other community members and students are leaving tomorrow to help cheer the team on.  They will have live streaming you can watch, so I plan to watch  on my computer.  I really hope this is the year the Wildcats win the championship.  I really wanted to go down and cheer them on, but it didn’t work out.  That is okay.  I am there in spirit!!
*We are really getting into scholarship season now at KHS.  Many students are working on scholarships, the pile is getting higher of scholarships submitted.  I am so proud of these students.  And I am sure there is a lot of scholarships being worked on that I don’t even know about. 
*Our dog Sadie seems to be a fan of chocolate chip packages.  I had put some boxes on the floor in the kitchen to go to the food bank, and there were chocolate chip packages in the box.  Sadie must have like the smell of the chips, because she drug them all the way from the kitchen to her kennel in our bedroom for safe keeping.  Paul found them when he arrived home yesterday afternoon.  Paul headed for the theater tonight, and I thought it would be the perfect night to take a bath.  When he arrived back home, I was still in the bathtub, but he found a different package of chocolate chips about half way down the hall this time.  The boxes of food our now out of reach of Sadie.  Thank goodness Sadie doesn’t have as many teeth as she used to, so she was unable to bite through the packaging.  Silly dog!!
*Growing up, we always joked about how hot trends wouldn’t reach us here in the Silver Valley for a year or two later.  Sometimes that is good.  But things always have a way of reaching our valley.  Monday we start using a security measure on the doors of the schools in the district.  People coming to the school need to be buzzed in from the office.  This has actually been in the works since last year, but it seems very timely.  We had a middle school student arrested last week because of threats he made to people at Kellogg Middle School.  My prayer is that our staff and students at our schools remain safe, and we continue to catch incidents before anything happens.
*The last month of winter ends today.  Tomorrow we move into March, with the promise of spring.  I have a lot of things in my life I want to have “spring forth” in the coming months.  January and February have germinated many things in my life, and now I am looking forward to seeing them begin to bloom.
*Paul and I have been doing a devotion for Lent based on the book of Matthew in the Bible.  The devotional shares a passage of Matthew, then the author, N.T. Wright, talks about the passages and how they relate to Lent, and then the reading ends with a prayer.  I love yesterday’s prayer: Lord, give us grace to recognize you, to hail you as our Lord and King, and to follow you even when we too are misunderstood.  Amen.

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