Gathering Graces 3/27/2018

*My morning began with a trip to Silver Valley Dental in Kellogg to get a panoramic X-ray of my mouth, get my teeth cleaned and polished, and an exam from the dentist.  Things are looking pretty good in my mouth.  I did make an appointment for one to get a crown put on one of my teeth.  And made an appointment for Paul to get his teeth cleaned next week.
*In the afternoon, the KHS students attended a Health Fair in the gym.  While that was going on, I was assisting some of the faculty who were reviewing the NHS applications, as well as some other NHS matters. 
*Today was my final day with the kids at PASS to do Drama activities with them.  We watched a short highlight videos of some of the things we did over the past weeks I have been there, and had them share some, and we played some games at the end.  I got lots of hugs, and I am really going to miss those kids.  It was such a great time working with them.
*My evening was spend finalizing my presentation on my trip to Italy to present to the Advanced Art students tomorrow.  I was glad I got it all done before I headed to bed.
*I also started watching a new British crime show, The Midsomer Murders.  The show began in the  1990’s so that makes it a little interesting, but so far the two episodes I have watched have been pretty entertaining. 
*I appreciated everyone’s thoughts yesterday about being unsettled.  I am taking them to heart.

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