Gathering Graces 3/19/2018

*Kind of a normal kind of work day today.  Not much too unusual.  The students who were applying to be part of the National Honor Society submitted their applications today.  I functioned alright with my faulty keyboard.  All is good.
*We played with paper bag puppets in drama today after school.  I am in my final two weeks of working with the students in the PASS program.  It has been a very fulfilling experience, and I hope they have enjoyed it as well.  Today we played around with paper sack puppets.  I love watching students creativity.
*I got home and grabbed my knitting project, and finished the second season of Broadchurch.  I liked how the writers brought the second season to a close.  The final episode tied up a lot of things.
*Paul had forgotten some items in the driver’s ed car at the district office, so after our dinner of cod, roasted vegetables, and cucumber and tomatoes in oil and vinegar, we walked down to retrieve his items.  It was nice getting out in the evening and taking a little stroll together.  Paul shared with me about how students in his Speech classes are sharing about historical speeches, and how they are responding to the content of them.  It was fun to hear about what the students are learning.
*Paul and I also finished up the second season of The Crown tonightNow we will wait a while for Season Three to appear.

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