Gathering Graces 3/10/2018

*It was an absolutely beautiful day today.  The skies were blue.  The sun was shining.  It is amazing how that boosts the overall well being of those around you. 
*I spent the better part of this beautiful day on a trip to Spokane with my sister Christy and sister-in-law Debbie.  We started the morning at World Market. It had been a while since I had been to a World Market.  I forgot what kinds of items you could purchase there (for instance, I forgot they sold furniture), and things are pretty reasonably prices.  I love looking in the food section.  It seems like I always find something interesting to try.  Then we went to Michaels. I bought some yarn to use on some new knitting projects I want to start.  After shopping for a bit, we went to The Onion for lunch.  I had a bison burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.  It was really good. 
*After lunch we headed east to the Spokane Valley Mall and walked through TJ Maxx.  We went to the other end of the parking lot and walked through Home Accents, a store similar to TJ Maxx, but with only household items. 
*With the trunk filling up with purchases, we started driving toward home, but I had one more stop I needed to make to Fred Meyer in Coeur d’Alene.  I am fixing family dinner on Sunday, so I had to pick up a few items to help with the preparation of the meal.  And I found everything I needed.
*It was really fun spending the day with these two women, and having a pretty laid back schedule.  We weren’t rushed in where we had to go, or we didn’t have a timeline on being home at a certain time.  Plus every time we got out of the car, we got to enjoy the sunshine!
*I arrived home to a home full of three cats and a dog, but no people.  Paul had already headed up to the theater.  I unloaded my purchases and started watching a new show on Netflix Alias Grace, while I took one of the skeins of yarn and made it into a ball of yarn.  I tried starting one of my projects, but had a little trouble, so I need will try again later.
*When Paul arrived home, he said he spent most of the beautiful afternoon working outside in the backyard, and he took me outside to show me some new additions to the yard, and how he cleaned up some areas.  I can’t wait to see it in the daylight tomorrow!!
*I headed to bed early, anticipating the time change as we “Spring Forward” tonight, and lose an hour of our early morning. 

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