Gathering Graces 3/21/2018

*Sadie got to go visit Kellogg Pet Medical Center for a teeth cleaning today.  She did very well (thank goodness!!), and needs to return in six months!!

Clean teeth...fresh breath!

*I had lunch today with my friend Kellee Crall Mills.  We had a wonderful visit, and it was so good to see her.  We made some plans for the future to help us both feel better, so I look forward to working together on getting healthier together!!
*Chicken breast was the meat I thawed out yesterday, so I decided to go a little Italian tonight, and cut up some red pepper and garlic and saute it in a pan in some ghee.  Then I added some cut up tomato and the cut up chicken.  I sprinkled it with Italian Seasoning, and some fresh basil.  One it was all warm, I put some mozzarella cheese on top, and let it melt.  I dished it up, and served it with a bowl of sliced cucumbers with oil and vinegar on them.  It was very delicious!!  I have found that have already cooked meat in the freezer to thaw out and use for meal prep really helps in preparing meals these days.
*Today Coco called while she was buying her cap and gown for graduation.  Only seven more weeks until graduation!
*Tonight I picked up Betty, Christy and Dawn and we headed to Chris Cox’s house in Kingston for our PEO meeting.  It was a great meeting, and Christy gave a program on Creativity and Gardening.  It was very good, and it makes me want to start buying flowers and putting them in pots all around the garden.  Then, when I arrived home, Paul was watching Big Dream, Small Spaces , a show Zoe suggested we watch on Netflix about gardening, and I watched some of it when I arrived home and that even got me yearning to get in my garden even more!!  I am hoping that we have some good weather for our spring break the first week of April so we can get some cleaning up of the yard done in anticipation of warmer weather.
*My work day ended today with the sad news that former KHS and current CHS Principal Troy Schueller had passed away, from apparent suicide.  I already heard rumors about why it happened, and that is not important to me.  What is done is done, and I just want to move forward, comfort those who weep, and pray that God helps me see anyone in my life who is in that kind of distress, and that I am given wisdom and overwhelming love to help them.

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