Gathering Graces 3/2/2018

*Christy, Debbie and I postponed our plans of going to Spokane today so I could be on “Sadie watch” at home.  Sadie is fine, and sat next to me most of the day on the couch and slept or relaxed.  I am glad all is well.
*Once the snow really started coming down today, it is probably a good thing we didn’t drive to Spokane today.  And later in the day I saw someone had posted on Facebook that there was a wreck in the eastbound lane of the Fourth of July pass and we possibly could have been stuck for a while if we had gone.  But the snow was beautiful coming down today.  Winter is quite ready to give up yet!!
*I stayed pretty close to Sadie on the couch today.  I did some writing and reading and researching and who knows what else.  Sadie and I just hung out for most of the day.
*Paul had his opening night at the Sixth Street Theater tonight.  “The Rivals” is playing Friday and Saturdays at 7 and Sundays at 2 the first three weekends in March.  It is a readers theaters of a British comedy of manners.
*Tomorrow I am going to Coeur d’Alene to judge at the high school district Speech competition.  I spent some time making a list of items at need to buy at a couple of the stores in Coeur d’Alene after I am done judging the competition. 
*I found a recipe where you make rice out of cauliflower.  It wasn’t too bad, but I think I either had not enough cauliflower or too much liquid, because it ended up being a little soupy.  But it was very good and flavorful, and I will plan on making it again.\
*The posting of our Sibling Assignment was met with many heart warming comments today.  We should have two more posted in the days to come.

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