Gathering Graces 3/15/2018

*I can tell it it spring at KHS, because the Counseling Center is bustling as ever, with students  wanting scholarship help.  There was some big deadlines yesterday, and I am so proud of those students who are submitting scholarships!
*At the end of the school day, my desk was a mish mash of piles, papers, and envelopes.  I decided I needed to stay a little longer today to sort through things on my desk, tie up some loose ends, and get some things organized before I left for the day.  I am glad I did.  It will make coming into work on Monday much easier.
*Travis drove Cosette to the Harrison exit outside of Coeur d’Alene to meet up with her friend Sidnee.  She would be spending the night with Sidnee and her family, then heading back to Moscow on Friday.
*Later, Travis and Molly went to Coeur d’Alene to visit some of Travis’ family, and they brought their niece Zoe back here to spend tonight and tomorrow night.  There hasn’t been an 11 year old in the house for a while.  It will be fun to have her around!!
*After a very hectic and emotional week, I wanted to sit and knit and watch a good show on Netflix.  I was looking for a good British comedy, but ended up choosing a British show, but definitely not a comedy.  I started watching Broadchurch.  Molly and Travis said it is really good, so I look forward to watching it (even though I have been warned it is a bit dark and grim).
*It was nice sitting up and talking with Molly and Travis, (even though I got to bed way past my bedtime!!)  But it was worth it!!

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