Gathering Graces 1/29/2017

*Paul and I, with Simon on the drums, led worship at church this morning and shared a beautiful new song King of My Heart.  It was good for me to be reminded this morning, in the midst of  the happenings in my life, that God is Good.
“Let the King of My Heart, be the mountain where I run, the Fountain I drink from, Oh He is my song.  Let the King of My Heart, be the shadow where I hide, the ransom for my life, O He is my song.  You are good, good, Oh. You are good, good, Oh.”
*I had the luxury of taking a Sunday afternoon nap today.  Need I say more?
*I had grabbed some hamburger out of Mom’s freezer to fix something for dinner tonight.  As I looked through my trusty Betty Crocker Cookbook for ground beef recipes, I found one for Meat and Potato Pie, next to the meatloaf recipe.  Basically, you mix up the meat like you were making a meatloaf.  But then you take the meat mixture and spread it in a pie pan and bake it.  Then I boiled some potatoes, made mashed potatoes, and spread it on the cooked meat.  You add a little shredded cheddar cheese on the top and Voila`, you have a delicious meat and potato pie!!

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