Gathering Graces 1/22/2017

*Today our pastor at church returned for his first Sunday after being deployed as an Army Chaplain to the Middle East this past year.  What an uplifting service we had welcoming him back, and moving forward as a church.
*Part of my daily routine is going over in the morning to my mom's house to make her bed, do her laundry, and get her breakfast.  She wasn't feeling good the day before, and still wasn't feeling great.  A bit of an upset stomach.  I was back in the evening to bring her dinner.  I tried to fix her something light in case she still had an upset stomach.  Mom got her appetite back, and she wolfed down the chicken salad, pears and cottage cheese, and biscuit I brought her over for dinner.  She said it was just right!!
*I am planning a trip this summer, and was in a wonderful discussion with a couple of friends about some of the plans regarding the trip, and how excited we all are.  I can tell already, it will be epic!!
*Over this past week, my daughter Molly has posted some things on Facebook, wanting to hear how people feel regarding President Trump, and their views on Saturday's Women's March.  I am so proud how she has handled these discussions, and how people have responded by respectfully stating their views and appreciating her willingness to hear their point of view.  Love you Molly J!!

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