Gathering Graces 1/18/2017

*Today was a “freezing rain, & hazardous weather/road conditions” day so there was not school throughout most of North Idaho.  I drove over to Mom’s house this morning, and it was like driving on an ice rink.  I was suppose to go to Coeur d’Alene this morning but canceled that trip.  So a quiet day at home for Paul and I.  I was suppose to have a PEO meeting at my house, but we canceled that as well.  The good new is, my house is clean!!
*Had a wonderful conversation on Facebook with some friends about being able to share and discuss with others differing views in a kind and respectful manner.  One of my friends reflected on this very thing in her blog post she published this morning.  Here are her beautiful words:  
I actually prefer and welcome the diversity. It makes me more aware, and I think more alive. It gives me the perspective I sometimes lack (of real people, who just happen to disagree on important issues). It’s what makes this life, this world, interesting. Let’s support and encourage and embrace each other, in spite of our apparent differences. Let’s be the example the world is so desperately needing right now.
These are words we all need to heed and live by, because I believe it can make our life more wonderful and full.
*Finished a book today called “Sister, One, Two Three” by Nancy Star.  It is a book I received from the Kindle First program.  This is a program through Amazon that offers customers early access to new Kindle books across popular genres from Amazon Publishing.  Prime members are automatically eligible for Kindle First.  I have received from really good books from this program.  This book was a nice, easy read that kept my interest, and the characters had an interesting family dynamic.  It was a nice way to spend my “freezing rain & hazardous weather/road conditions” day.

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