Gathering Graces 1/26/2017

*For their Semester Test, the students in the Foods and Nutrition Class at KHS had to prepare biscuits and gravy.  Peggy Kimberling, the instructor of this class, asked staff members to be judges and critique the biscuits and gravy.  I gladly said I would be a judge, and was treated to a delightful dish.  I thought the flavor, consistency and texture of the gravy was delicious.  The only thing I marked down was the biscuits.  They could have been a little more fluffy.  But other than that, the project was very well done. 
*Molly and Travis purchased a bunny last fall, and named it Hermione.  Travis took Hermione to the vet to get spayed.  The vet called up and told Travis he should change the name of the bunny to Ron or Harry, because it a boy.  Molly texted.  She was traumatized.  I think by the end of the day, Hermione’s name had been changed to Dumblebuns.
*Zoe called asking about doing her taxes.  She didn’t like my answer.  I told her she would have to learn to do them herself this year.  We also talked about her job, and driving in the snow down in the Nampa/Meridian/Boise area, and I encouraged her to watch “Fannie Last Supper”.  It is always nice when one of the girls call and we get to catch up.

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