Gathering Graces 1/17/2017

*I spent part of the day writing two letters of recommendation for KHS seniors.  I love to “brag” about these students.  I have written quite a few letters this year, and I usually try and pick three attributes to focus on, and expand on these characteristics, painting a picture of each student.  I love that I have worked with most of these students since seventh grade, when I started working with them in the Gear Up program, and I also work with many of them in National Honor Society.
*Today a finished a short television series on Netflix called “Stephen Fry in America”. It was filmed back in 2008-2009, and Fry, a British actor and writer, made a six part series documenting him visiting all 50 states.  It was interesting to see the places he chose to visit in each state, and the stories he chose to tell.  (Idaho, unfortunately, did not get a lot of air time.)  I tried to remember what I had seen Stephen Fry in recently, then I realized he was in the series “Bones”, and he was the psychiatrist that was evaluating Seeley Booth and building a brick barbecue while he talked to him.
*On my drive to work this morning, there were two police officers guiding people by the track at Kellogg Middle School.  An elk was on the snowbank near the fence on its’ side.  Later I found out it apparently got caught in the fence trying to jump over into the track area.  We have had many elk in the area down low this winter.  A herd was even hanging out in the Kellogg City Park.  Which is very unusual.  We woke up this past week to find deer tracks through the snow in our front yard.  I put out a few frozen apples from a box on our back patio, but so far, they haven’t found them to eat them.  But I will keep trying!

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