Gathering Graces 1/24/2017

*I just enjoy sitting on the couch next to my honey Paul, enjoying a crackling fire, and, even though we don’t talk a lot to one another, it just feels good having him near.
*Last year a new restaurant opened up in Kellogg called “Best Shots”.  My friend April was feeling down because her oldest son had just left to relocate to Los Angeles, so our other friend Kellee and I joined her for dinner at Best Shots to cheer her up.  The owner is a huge Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball fan.  There are photos of the team all around the walls of the inside of this place.  So we had fun taking some photos that night, and April posted them.  Yesterday, the owner saw them and was commenting on them to April.  Then April sent Kellee and I this message:  i got this message from the manager, Kas Sims, today (these pictures were taken april 1, 2016): "So as I was typing up my original post to share these photos...I stepped out of uber and coach Few walked up and said hello...I shared ur pics with him...he got a laugh out of them...these women had a great time and really produced some awesome pics! Thanks ladies! GO ZAGS!" 
*The chicken I was going to roast for our dinner at Mom’s house was too big to cook in the amount of time I had before dinner.  So, let’s go to plan B...Waffles and Bacon.  Mom had bacon in her fridge that needed fried, and I whipped up some waffles at home and took them over, so we had Waffles and Bacon for dinner.  Sometimes it is fun to have breakfast for dinner!!

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