Gathering Graces 1/23/2017

*Tonight it was just Mom and I for dinner, because Paul helped at the basketball game up at the high school.  I cooked a really good pork roast with roasted carrots and potatoes, and coleslaw.  It was really delicious.  It was glazed with oil, brown sugar and garlic.  Yum!!  Mom really liked it, too.  Plus, she was in good spirits because she went to Coeur d’Alene with Christy and Everett and bought a new wig.  She was looking really good!!
*Today I started an online course that my friend April is leading called “THE ARRIVAL:travel size” with the focus on Awareness.  There are  amazing women who are a part of this course.  Some of these women I have grown up with, and others are women I have never met from all over the world!  It is wonderful to hear their stories, and see how this course is helping them tell their story.  I have always had an appreciation for my friend April, but after observing what it takes to administer a course like this, I am in awe of her ability to keep things going, comment on posts, and develop relationships with the 70 plus women who are a part of this course.  Plus, in the midst of it all, refurbish her new Italian Villa with her husband.  I am in awe.
*Sometimes being encouraged just makes your day.  Today, I got three that really stood out.  First, I was told the way I dressed made my look very “artsy”.  Second, I had a meeting with a co-worker, and she said she always enjoys our monthly meetings and the time we spend together.  The third was from a student at the high school who was showing a new student around the high school.  I was walking behind them, and she turned around, pointed to me and said, “And Mrs. Roberts is pretty awesome!”  Just some little phrases from others that made my day.

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