Gathering Graces 1/25/2017

*Mr. Fixit (Paul) was at it today replacing the drain pump in our washing machine.  He was so proud of himself, he even called his son-in-law Travis to brag!!  I guess it is time to tackle that enormous pile of laundry that has taken over my closet.
*January has been a time of down time.  But it is not that I have been lazy.  I have been productive, but in a different way.  A reflective way.  This month has given me a chance to think, dream, wonder, write, ponder.....things I have not done in a long time, but things I need to do to nourish my soul.  This has been a month of spiritual and soulful nourishment.
*I have been taking more bubble baths lately, and am loving the relaxing feeling of soaking in a bathtub.  I use Honey Mania Bubble Bath Melt from The Body Shop to put in the tub.  It provides wonderful bubbles, and a light, floral fragrance that is helps me relax. 
*I was also relaxed earlier in the day by getting my haircut, and Lynette at Uptown Hair Salon gave me a wonderful scalp massage as she washed my hair.  It felt so nice.  I love the feel of someone washing my hair, and then how it feels once it is cut and styled.  I like feeling pampered every once in a while!

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