W is for Grandma Woolum and Grandma West

I am very thankful for my two grandmas.

In a time when single motherhood was not very common, both of my grandmothers raised their families without the help of a husband.

Grandma Woolum's husband left her, and he eventually died when my dad was fairly young. My Grandma stayed in Wardner and Kellogg, and raised her family until health concerns had her moving to Spokane, where she continued to live until she passed away.

Grandma West's husband also left, and they eventually divorced. He relocated to Mexico, and remarried.

Grandma West raised her family in Orofino, Idaho.

Both were strong, loving women, and I am proud to be a product of these two wonderful women.

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inlandempiregirl said...

I am also proud to be a product of Grandma Woolum and West. Nice post.