S is for Siblings

I am so thankful for my two siblings.

This following passage from the essay "One Village" by Naomi Shihab Neye reminds me of the connection I share with my two siblings, and what it is like to be together in Kellogg.

Feelings crowd in on me; maybe this is what it means to be in your genetic home. That you will feel on fifty levels at once, the immediate as well as the level of blood, the level of uncles, of weeping in the pillow at night, weddings and graves, level of the secret and unseen. Maybe this is heritage, that deep well that gives us more than we deserve. Each time I write or walk or think, I drop a bucket in. Staring at my grandmother, my Sitti, as she sits on the low bed, rocking back and forth in time with conversation, tapping her fingertips on her knees, I think, this is the nectar off which I feed.


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I love this picture!

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Oh, so much to be thankful for! Lovely post.