H is for History

I am thankful for learning about History.

Various kinds of history.

Such as local Silver Valley history.

Since moving back here in 2000, I have become fascinated with the local history of this area. I think what really got me going on the history is realizing what a relatively "young" area this is when I think that Noah Kellogg discovered the Bunker Hill mine in 1885, and my Dad was born in Wardner in 1930, only 40 years after the Bunker Hill mine was discovered. I think I was blown away when I made this discovery.

I also like learning about the history of our country. Traveling to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and seeing some of the historical sites really helps you appreciate the sacrifice people made for our country.

Today in our Adult Sunday School class, we are starting a series on the history of the Christian Church, and how the church was influenced by culture throughout the ages. It begins with the Roman Age, then today we talked about The Middle Ages. We will then go into the following times:

The Renaissance, The Reformation, The Revolutionary Age, The Scientific Age, The Age of Non-Reason, The Age of Fragmentation, then the Age of Personal Peace and Affluence.

It will be interesting to see what we learn from these lessons.


Nita Jo said...

Those Sunday School classes sound so interesting. Do they make cd's or tapes? I watched a special on the "left out" books of the Bible. It was interesting and not too biased either way. It's something I wouldn't have even turned on when I was younger.
I didn't realize how young Bunker Hill was either!

Cedar Street Kid said...

I am afraid history is not being taught and respected enough today. History is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the future.