R is for Romance

I am thankful for the my husband, who has brought romance into my life for over 25 years.

Today PKR turned 50 years old, and, since this was a rather busy day with kids going every which way, we all gathered together for breakfast. We put some candles on a "birthday scone" and also had some fried potatoes. All five of us ate breakfast together for PKR's 50th birthday.

Last night Z2 and I "decorated" his classroom at Kellogg High School with balloons and Z2 brought some of his high school and college memorabilia, and put it up in his class. I photocopied some old high school yearbook photos, and made flyers that I posted throughout the school. It was hard to miss it was his birthday at school today.

PKR is a pie man, so I baked him an apple pie and also made him a huckleberry/rhubarb cobbler, and took it to school, and shared it with the KHS faculty.

Tonight, PKR and Z2 have the final night of KHS's production of "One Mad Night". As soon as I locate my card reader, I will download some pictures from the production. It was very funny.

Yes, I am married to someone who has been alive for half a century. Wow.


inlandempiregirl said...

Great post! I really like the new banner of the girls also. Fun! Makes me wish I was back at the Oregon Coast!! I hope the birthday was happy!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Hey, easy on that old man. Wow, 50? Since i am only 29, I guess that I can only wonder what it will be like (:).You guys are a neat couple. Thanks for sharing.

MarmiteToasty said...

Such a beautiful family you lot are :)

50 aye, you are now offically and 'old git' LOL Happy Belated Birthday wishes..