C is for Comedy

I am thankful for the laughter and escape comedy brings.

I love to make people laugh by being a comedic actress on stage.

I think back to the influences on what I thought was funny growing up, and we were so fortunate to have such wonderful women comediennes to get inspiration from, particularly from the 1970's.

I was fortunate to be able to watch really good situation comedies back then. I find very little humor in American sit coms found today on network television. I have found a couple Canadian comedies I enjoy, but, to me, the network sit coms have a lot to be desired. I just don't find sexual humor and put downs that funny.

But I did enjoy these shows growing up. Some were sit coms, some were variety, and some were sit coms, but had some serious drama thrown in as well.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with me, as I revisit my comedic roots.

All in the Family

The mary tyler moore show

The Carol Burnett show

The Bob Newhart Show


The odd Couple


Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

I couldn't agree more about the sit-coms of the 70's & even in the 80's. Mash...my personal favorite. Don't forget Happy Days. My kids learned a lot from Fonzie.

Cuz Lura - misslura@gmail.com or lura44@verizon.net

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

Yes, Happy days was on the first list, but I removed it because my list was getting a bit long...but Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley were two other favorites of mine.

Christy Woolum said...

Ahhh... thanks for taking me down memory land this morning. Loved it!