P is for Philanthropy

I'm feeling very thankful for the philanthropic people I work with on a daily basis.

There truly are angels among us in the Kellogg School District.

Today, I was overwhelmed with good will, because of some wonderful people.

Because of some kind-hearted souls, a coat drive has be started at KHS. It started when PE realized one of her students didn't have a winter coat to wear, and I realized someone had left a man's coat here about a year ago, and so I washed it up, and this student now has a winter coat. They are hoping to get warm coats to other students as well.

JD is one of the most giving people I know at KMS. Whenever a student or their family is in distress, she sends out the word, and before you know it her classroom is overflowing with items for families in need. Just this past week, three of our students lost their father. We were able to gather together many bags full of food to send to the family. What a blessing.

My day started of this morning with all the KHS freshmen and sophomores gathering together in the KHS gym to put the food they had brought in to put in laundry baskets to provide turkey dinners for 14 needy families in the Silver Valley. How wonderful to see some of the baskets overflowing with food. And our KHS staff was also generous, donating money to purchase turkeys for each of the baskets.

Today was one of those days when you realize there are some really wonderful people in this world who really care about kids, and other people.

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