J is for James Taylor

Yes, I am a big James Taylor fan, and I am very thankful for his music in my life.

There is something about his music that touches me, and I love listening to his songs.

I was very excited to hear about an upcoming tour with James Taylor and Carole King. I hope they get close, because that is a concert I would not want to miss!!

Here is one of the reasons why I am thankful for the music of James Taylor.

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Nita Jo said...

I wanna go too! I got to hear them sing together at one of his concerts. It was years ago in Boise. My sis was pregnant with her first child. It was amazing!

Thanks for your comment on my post about Grandma. It meant a lot to me. I enjoyed our phone conversation so much. It always hits me when we hang up... you are not just across town, even though you sound so close. I love you too, and I am going to get up there to see all of you one of these days!