I is for "I Do! I Do!"

I am thankful that PKR and I get to perform in the two person musical "I Do! I Do!" in January at the Sixth Street Theater.

I am thankful that we get the opportunity to use our love of performing to help people in the Silver Valley.

We have chosen three different Silver Valley charities to donate some of the proceeds to from the performances.

Below is a letter from our board president, Vern Hanson, about how people can help become royalty sponsors for the show, so we have more money to donate to charities.

November 2009

Dear Sixth Street Fans—

In January, we will be presenting a two person musical titled “I Do! I Do!”. This show is special and unique because it will give our theater an opportunity to give back to the community by donating part of each weekend’s proceeds to three different Silver Valley Charities, The Shoshone Community Health Clinic, Meals on Wheels and The Women’s Resource Center.

Because we would like to donate a majority of our proceeds to the charities, we would like royalty sponsors to cover the cost of presenting the show each performance. It costs $140 in royalty fees to present “I Do! I Do!” each night. Would you be willing to help cover the cost of one night’s royalty payment, or a partial royalty payment, in order to help us give more back to our community?

“I Do! I Do!” is a musical about a marriage, and the many events happening as a married couple. The show features husband and wife team Paul and Carol Roberts. It will be directed by Carrie Stuart-Parks, and the music will be under the direction of Joy Persoon.

We hope you take this opportunity to help us with this endeavor by becoming a royalty sponsor for this production. Thank you.


Vern Hanson, Sixth Street Theater Board President


I would be willing to donate: _____$25 _____$50 _____$100

Full Royalty Sponsorship _____$140

Please make checks to Sixth Street Theater and drop your check at the ticket desk, or mail donation to:

Sixth Street Theater, Box 1243, Wallace, Idaho 83873


What a wonderful opportunity to give back to our precious Silver Valley community. I am thankful for this opportunity!!

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