Way to Go Kellogg Kids!

The students from Kellogg had a great showing today at Idaho History Day at The College of Idaho. We have four students going to National History Day, Silas Domy in Senior Essay, Emalie Bumgardner in Junior Individual Documentary, and Sarah Gibbs and Kylie Johnson in Junior Group Performance.

But even though everyone didn't advance on, they all did a great job, and put a lot of work and effort into their projects. We are all very proud of everyone. And I was especially proud of Kiki Aru for her effort in her project.

Had a nice time this evening at the Boise Towne Square Mall, and enjoyed my visit with one of the students and his mother at dinner. DD and TD are the son and wife of one of my friend's from high school, and it was so enjoyable spending some time with them. (They even let me stay at the table when I admitted to them I voted for President Obama. I just couldn't resist when DD, who is a junior in high school, started dissing the whole Democrat party for all the ills in the world.)

Next, I went and wandered around Borders Books, was tempted to buy, but then remembered the piles and shelves of unread books at my house, and didn't give in!!!

What a joy traveling with these wonderful students, and spending time getting to know a few of them better. I am very blessed. Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful trip.

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Nita Jo said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time! I was at the eye doctor getting my pre-op tests done. I may have passed right by you on the road! Lol!

Good for you on not buying the books... I told myself "no more books till I read what I already own" a couple months back. I am having a hard time sticking with it. Just love the books!