Goin' Fishin'? Maybe some day

As I drove along the Chain Lakes on my way to and from St. Maries this afternoon, it made me want to fishing.

I haven't gone fishing in a long time. I think maybe once in the last 9 years.

I used to fish some growing up, when we would go to Rose Lake.

Then in high school, my boyfriend loved to fish, so I went along with him. He did catch a big, ugly Pike once, and I'm not sure I wanted to pull that thing out of the water, though. Crappie, bass and trout were more my speed.

After we were married, PKR and I did a rare form of fishing in Glendive...Paddlefishing.

A paddlefish is a prehistoric fish that is found in the Yellowstone River outside of Glendive, one of the only places in the world where you can fish for this kind of fish. To catch a paddlefish, you snag it with a big barbed hook. PKR caught one when we went paddlefishing our one and only time. He caught a relatively small one, only about 30 or 40 pounds.

When we lived down in the Boise area, we went fishing when The Princess was a baby, and put her in a backpack.

But, as the girls got older, and the worms and fishing wasn't their thing, we quit going. I think the last time was going up the river about 5 years ago on "Free Fishing Day" at the Steamboat Pond. Z2 and Kiki Aru caught their limit. But I think the fishing poles haven't been out since.

But, as I looked at the waters of the Chain Lakes today, and saw some boats out in the middle of the lake, it looked so peaceful, and the urge to go fishing was quite strong.

Maybe one day I will return .

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Christy Woolum said...

Those chain lakes are beautiful... call Taryn- she could show you her skills and take great pictures!!